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One More Paid...

February 28th, 2008 at 07:54 pm

Woohoo, one more credit card paid... I am on a roll, hopefully next month i will be able to cancel the balance on my AMEX Blue which is $2663.10....
The way i am working is i am using MS Money to plot out based on Interest Rate...

Next Month,
Amex $2663.10
Juniper $1367.47
BBuy $794.88 ( No Interest Plan )

Cheer for me... heh

$97.25 in spare change

February 24th, 2008 at 11:23 pm

Yesterday i went to my local credit union which i have an account a very long time that i did not give much attention too. What brought me back was a neat little coin change machine that is offered to its members. My oldest daughter had a piggy back which was getting pretty heavy so i decided to go cash in and deposit into the savings acct there. Its now up to $259 just in spare change.....

in 3 months hope to be able to add more.

Finally... E*Trade Follow-up

February 21st, 2008 at 07:32 pm

Finally, E*Trade got my application right, after 22 days, I finally spoke with someone that knew what she was talking about and got it done. After trying to speak their CSR dept over-seas which I rate (substandard) to what a bank should have, doesn't matter if you have no branches or branches, you should have people that know what they are talking about. But anyway, i finally can have my Max-Rate checking for my DBA for checks I have outstanding which i totally love, before i used to have 9-11k on the acct average every month and no interest, i least now i can earn a little bit....

Free $25.00

February 18th, 2008 at 07:28 pm

Today I opened an account with Revolution Money Exchange, a service simular to PayPal. As soon as you sign up, they give a free $25.00. Offer expires February 29th

Money is going to be distributed amongs my funds.
[url] https://www.revolutionmoneyexchange.com/Registration/RegStep1.aspx [url]

BofA Audit - Follow-Up

February 16th, 2008 at 02:55 pm

Well, that audit that happen 3 months later from BofA dinged my Household Acct. Because I was not planning on getting withdrawn 400 on a Thursday from a bad check that happened 3 months earlier. Because my wife had used our check card to pick up a few things at a local store. The two small transactions posted after the large one( bank rule ). so i am down $70.00 in Overdraft Fees and because of some careless on their part, they did not setup the overdraft acct link(why have one then if its not setup for that purpose). This is how my Saturday started...

BofA audit

February 15th, 2008 at 04:41 pm

Today, I logged into my Online Banking Acct to see what was going on (see if dd hit it) and i was shocked to see a $400.00 debit on the acct. I immediately googled the company name which was AAERC and nothin came up, stopped by a branch and after 20 minutes researching, it was a check that was deposited on my acct in November from a person that owed me money. The check was good, except that instead of writing $450.00, he wrote fifty dollars, the number was correct, but not the wording. I asked why it took so long to catch it and the CSR said, "Well, every transaction is manually checked and audited to see if there were no mistakes during the automation process and usually because of high volume towards the end of the year, sometimes it takes up to 6 months to catch it.

I was angry, had a major headache and didnt know if I cussed BofA or the person that deposited the check. This serves as experience. "You should be the only one depositing into your account" so this crap doesn't happen again. Oh well, time to go chase the person that owed me money. Now this is the bad part......

Goals Set

February 14th, 2008 at 08:48 pm

After playing around with some numbers. I have set some goals for my Emer Funds.

For my Cash Reserve i want to have $24,000.00 - I'm almost half way with $11,315.44. about 47% there.
For my Emergency Fund(Household Maintenance/Car Maintenance) I have set $12,000.00 with $104.87 in acct for that( it will be Keep the Change Transfers + Whatever is leftover on my household Budget. and Rainy Day/Vacation Fund is set at $6,000.00 with $184.45 - This is everything that I save with Coupons, Credit Card Rebates (ie. 5% cashback on Gas, Cell Phone Bill through AMEX SimplyCash) (3% on Groceries through Chase FreeDOM) and 1% on everything else. I opted for cash instead of points because Cash, i see everyday, points, it takes an eternity to see any thing relevant that can be done... I'll post an update on this next month to see how i am handling this agressive goals. My Debt is as follows

$ 54,514.07 - Unsecured Debt
$410,289.85 - Mortgage

Insurance Account

February 13th, 2008 at 01:46 pm

I been doing some research into store insurance on merchandise and on the back of my head, this idea has been bothering me. I'm thinking of setting up my own Mini Insurance Company. Take the money that the store charges for insurance. ie. New Laptop ($149.99), take that money deposit into this insurance account(ing/emigrant works great), then another product and etc... I have been attacked at all these stores trying to offer you extended coverage (very profitable) and I am about to chip away at their profit since I buy alot of electronics in general. I remember paying $300 to insurance my Plasma TV for 3 years a few years back. The TV is still Humming and there is no holding back. I could have taken that money in put at these online savings acct and have around 330-340 with the interest compound... The product breaks down, i have a insurance..

Keep the Change Rainy Day Fund

February 13th, 2008 at 01:41 pm

I have an acct with BofA which I use mostly for house expenses.. Taxes.. Insurance.. Mortgage because of the Ease of Access to Deposit the money I receive from my Renter + plus a part time I Job I have. Buy groceries with the Debit card and recently signed up for the KTC, I think that is a very clever idea. You figure, you are chipping away cents here and there and it builds up. I'm already at almost $100.00 just with little change + the 10% match that BofA does (you have to take everything your bank gives) and this will be my official Rainy Day Fund/Gifts fund. Lets see this holds up 12 months from now. I figure its an easy non-intrusive way to save.

Phone with E*Trade

February 12th, 2008 at 07:50 pm

What terrible csr dept that e*trade bank has. I have spoken with about 6-7 diff people from diff locations(accents) and everyone tells me something different than its on the web site. I'm thinking of parking some cash for my operating account, just because, their checking acct is paying 3%, more than what BofA is paying 0.01% which, come on, is unreliastic. and while payment is in transit, i can earn a little here and there.. Counting the pennies guys, counting the pennies... thats where it starts...

Starting Off

February 12th, 2008 at 06:08 pm

Starting Off with a little about me. I'm a IT consultant out of Boston and i'm trying to work my self into a monthly budget. Maybe some sort of an excel sheet and diverse what whatever money is left at the end of each month. Since i'm in the middle when it comes to investing. I plan on putting about 60% in to cash (CDs/Online Savings Accts) and other rest in maybe some foreign etfs. I'll give you guys an update of how time goes... and an update on the budget.