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Back on Track!!! $4732.34 PAID!!!

November 6th, 2008 at 02:32 am

I am finally getting my wheels rolling again, this month i was able to do beans and rice and rice and beans. Traded in my expensive BMW gas consuming 6 cylinder twin-turbo for a Toyota Hybrid SUV that does an average of 30 MPG. My gas consumption went down 60% in October alone.

My Year End Goals still hold:

* Pay off AMEX Completely - No longer carry a balance.
* My Chase Freedom is already on a spend only what can be paid at end of month and my bill is due usually on the middle off the month, so there is usually a balance on it that gets paid every bill cycle.
* Make a serious noticeable dent on my Home Depot Home Improvement Line and Brooke Savings Visa.

I want to start 09 under 40k.