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February 7th, 2009 at 02:43 pm

Well, while the entire is bracing for a recession, I'm in the process of vigorously paying down debt as soon as possible. I have managed to pay down about $4,802.78 for the month of January, I have cut every expense that I had some control over it.

The credit cards that are left are

Brooke Savings at $4516.75
Home Depot Improvement Loan at $3126.95 and
Lowes at $1488.00
for a total of $9131.70

Hopefully I can continue this momentum into February and by April be CC Free!!!!

I have also started contributing to my Roth IRA on a weekly basis as an automatic deduction from my paycheck.

See everyone next month and you guys are fuel that keeps me going. Thanks again for the comments.