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Goals Set

February 14th, 2008 at 08:48 pm

After playing around with some numbers. I have set some goals for my Emer Funds.

For my Cash Reserve i want to have $24,000.00 - I'm almost half way with $11,315.44. about 47% there.
For my Emergency Fund(Household Maintenance/Car Maintenance) I have set $12,000.00 with $104.87 in acct for that( it will be Keep the Change Transfers + Whatever is leftover on my household Budget. and Rainy Day/Vacation Fund is set at $6,000.00 with $184.45 - This is everything that I save with Coupons, Credit Card Rebates (ie. 5% cashback on Gas, Cell Phone Bill through AMEX SimplyCash) (3% on Groceries through Chase FreeDOM) and 1% on everything else. I opted for cash instead of points because Cash, i see everyday, points, it takes an eternity to see any thing relevant that can be done... I'll post an update on this next month to see how i am handling this agressive goals. My Debt is as follows

$ 54,514.07 - Unsecured Debt
$410,289.85 - Mortgage

1 Responses to “Goals Set”

  1. marjorie Says:

    Well done! A well identified goal is much easier to reach.

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