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Keep the Change Rainy Day Fund

February 13th, 2008 at 01:41 pm

I have an acct with BofA which I use mostly for house expenses.. Taxes.. Insurance.. Mortgage because of the Ease of Access to Deposit the money I receive from my Renter + plus a part time I Job I have. Buy groceries with the Debit card and recently signed up for the KTC, I think that is a very clever idea. You figure, you are chipping away cents here and there and it builds up. I'm already at almost $100.00 just with little change + the 10% match that BofA does (you have to take everything your bank gives) and this will be my official Rainy Day Fund/Gifts fund. Lets see this holds up 12 months from now. I figure its an easy non-intrusive way to save.

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