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March Contribution to Funds

April 1st, 2008 at 08:44 am

Income was a little bit less then February, i was able to allocate $93.16

Emergency Fund got $14.94
Short Term Fund got $17.49
Long Term Fund got $60.73

I am still on track for my 36 month dead line on having everything fully funded.

4 Responses to “March Contribution to Funds”

  1. Harley Says:

    Your math does not work.

    Total allocated was $125.59.

  2. billm950 Says:

    Heh, i corrected. Too many things going on.

  3. Harley Says:

    You did pretty good for an IT guy!!!

    Good luck.

  4. billm950 Says:

    IT guys in my field make from 50-80k

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